Auto Generate Rent Receipt online to claim of House Rent Allowance benefits

It's that time of the year again. We are all scrambling to collect investment proofs. Now there's one less thing to worry about. Here's a quick solution for creating rent receipts for claiming HRA *.

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Create and Print Rent Receipts Templates Online to Claim HRA Benefits

Most of the companies would be asking for tax proof submission every financial year end. One of them is House Rent Allowance (HRA) which is acceptable in most of the companies.

All of us want to avail HRA Benefits for exemption of Income Tax as we stay in a rented house. One of the issue we face every year is that house owner does not have any format of the rent receipt.

A rent receipt is a slip that serves like an invoice issued by the house owner or landlord to the tenant when rent is paid. Rent Slip includes information about the tenant and the landlord, rented property, amount of rent, date of payment of rent, mode of payment, signatures of the tenant and landlord etc. Rent Slip serves as an proof of the rent payment.

So we created to print automated rent receipt generator ,Now now need to search and fill manually tax receipts to claim the house rent allowance (HRA) benefit anymore. You can generate an print them real-time online now on It is in beta version free-to-use automates the generation of rental receipts and assists individuals in submitting their House Rent Allowance (HRA) proofs to their employers.

* To claim HRA from your organization, you may print the receipts, get them signed from your landlord and submit to your company's HR department.

Sample Rent Receipt Template Format (Coming soon more)
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